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Last updated: November 9, 2018

If you will google the Initiative Q and will move forward to its website, you will be received with a huge splash page comportment with the slogan of tomorrow’s payment network. This trend of discovering the advanced global currency was the kick-started with the huge blow-up of the bitcoin. With the investors raking that is in the huge charges thanks to the dramatic rise in the currency price. Numerous of other coins are going to be started after the bitcoin. And it seems that the Initiative Q is just the modern in the long line of these numeral financial creativities. Though they pressure that they are the different from of the cryptocurrency which they are describe as the vivid solution to the problem that does not even exist.

Though the Initiative Q does admit that “some of the ideas behind the cryptocurrency are valued, and might be organized in the Initiative Q’s at the backend”. This website claims that the Initiative Q will be at the cutting edge of the technology. Which will be the ultimately create as a supple, informal and reasonable payment network for all the users. This website says that the Initiative Q will be able to solves all the adoption problem by the associating of the payment network with the new global currency, and distribute this currency to the early adopters without any charges.

Is that really scam?

In the honest view, our senses are prickly when it comes about to the online offers for the free money. This cryptocurrency world has been bound with so many fake promises about your money. Initiative Q is truly different in this manner, however, as it does not ask you to devote any of your amount in it. The free donation simply promises you to gather better financial prize if you safe one of the free slits. There is no obvious financial risk if you will join it. All they are going to offer is to set up the innovative payment network that utilizing the very up-to-date technology and then it will run the private currency Q in that network. With the base of 2 tons of Q, that will be worth about $1 per Q.

This might make you think of the pyramid or for the Ponzi system, whereby the scammer will trick the new depositors out of their hard-earned money and pay previous investors with the profits but no cash has changed the hands yet.

We would like to recommend that you stumble on the side of carefulness when it comes about to the Initiative Q. There is no anything as the quick scheme that works for you. Chiefly one might ask you to get in initially. And the promotion is completely pyramid type. We are not actually sure what is the real meaning behind the Initiative Q. It might be honestly trying to do what it actually claims. Or just be the scam to collect the lot of email IDs of the people who will sign up.

The latest Twitter posts from official Initiative Q

Brendan Markey-Towler, Researcher at the University of Queensland: "It’s not a scam... It is supposed to take all the good things about PayPal and improve on them."

"Initiative Q is asking for no more than a few pieces of digital information most digital natives share with companies... touting far inferior privacy policies... The reality of the enterprise is far less controversial than cynics would have you believe."

A few clarifications by @InitiativeQ following @davidgerard 's reviews. Most importantly, collected data will not be shared or sold. if Q does not succeed we will destroy this database.

2,000,000 people from 180+ countries have signed up! With enough support a modern payment system could become popular globally. Still, millions more need to join to launch. We adhere to our privacy policy and will not sell personal data, even if this effort does not succeed.

Why is Initiative Q’s signup reward decreasing?
Joining after Q has been widely adopted requires little external motivation, since people will value the technology & convenience. But joining at the early stages requires vision and foresight. We compensate our members accordingly.

What is the basis for the 2 trillion USD valuation for the Q? It’s reasonable for a leading payment network, according to the Equation of Exchange and current transaction volumes of leading payment networks. For more info see our economic model:

Bienvenidos a todos los nuevos miembros de la Iniciativa Q de Chile! Miles de chilenos se unen a la Iniciativa Q cada día. A medida que millones se unen a la Iniciativa Q en todo el mundo, nos acercamos a la posibilidad de construir y lanzar un nuevo sistema de pago moderno.

Will Q suffer from the same instabilities as most cryptocurrencies?
No. Initiative Q will use a professional monetary policy (like governments do) rather than a predetermined one (like bitcoin does). To learn more see our economic model:

Is there a risk to signing up for Initiative Q? What about my privacy?
There’s no risk: signing up and reserving Qs is free - and you provide only your name and email.
We don’t share the data with any other 3rd party, marketing companies, etc.

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